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How Much Do Open
Technician Positions
Cost Your Dealership?

How Much Do Open Technician Positions Cost Your Dealership?​

The Value of Your Technicians:

An average Technician at 100% productivity (40 hours produced versus 40 hours worked) will contribute about $15,000 in parts and labor gross profit per month.

– Source: DealerPRO Training and AutoSuccess Magazine

How Does It Work?

Partner With Industry Experts:

Each dealership is assigned an Account Executive and Technician Recruitment Specialist. They work as a team to ensure your team and our technicians are the perfect matches.

Our AE works to make sure program expectations and processes are running smoothly with your dealership hiring team. Our TRS works with the top Technician talent in your market and ensures only the best-fit techs are introduced to your dealership.

Interview Top Technicians
in the Market:

 Define your Candidate Qualifications and Pay Level – Dealership experience, OEM Certifications, ASE Certifications, and Labor Rate.

 You’re guaranteed 3 Completed Interviews with Qualified Candidates.

Social Media Recruiting:

Social Media Auto Technician Recruiting for Dealerships by DataClover

Open Technician Positions

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