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Auto industry experts

Patrick McSherry


David Berry

Head of Sales

Roger Fugett

Head of Technology

Victoria Hurst

Head of Account Management

Libby Jensen

Account Manager

Haley Johnson

Account Manager

Joe LaClare

Account Manager

Regan Billings

Account Manager

Michelle Perera


Scott Price


Hari Balakrishnan


Nicole Simmons

Financial Advisor

Shameel Farhat

Account Executive

Devante Wyche

Account Executive & Tech Recruiter

Iman Taheri

Account Executive

Austin Coln

Aftersales eCommerce Specialist

Debbie Secrist


Diellza Gosalci


Michael Amador

Graphic Designer

Emmely Avila

Co-Op Manager

Samantha Larusso

Digital Marketing Strategist

David Masciangelo

Sarah Johnson

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