Social Media Marketing

Promote Service Offers Everywhere

Using our customer built audience manager and Facebook App integration, DataClover gets your service offer in front of your entire audience base. 


1-to-1 Customer Match Audiences

Your DMS data undergoes extensive data hygiene using DataClover’s 3rd Party Ownership database. Incomplete Customer Profiles are appended and validated to ensure the highest match rate to the customer’s Facebook profile. DataClover matches with an industry-leading 80%+ of the audience members.

80% Match Rate

Our audience lists are cleansed, customer information is appended with updated data making our match rate higher than just using the DMS file.

Cleansed Data

Audience members are verified for most recent, or most active email address, phone number, and home address. This information is cleansed to produce a set of marketable records.

Appended Data

If a customer cannot be matched with, the data is appended for items like change of ownership, vehicle sale history, or recently to help narrow the focus of the audience target, and prevent wasted ad spend.


Real-Time Audience Management

Using our unique integration with the Facebook API, target audience members are adjusted in real-time. Unlike traditional campaigns that run against an audience for 90 days, DataClover adds and removes audience members in real-time. Our audience lists are evergreen because it connects to the dealer dms NOT a stand alone list. If a customer returns and opens a repair order, the list is updated in real-time reducing wasted ad spend. If a customer falls inactive, they are added to the list in real-time to maximize budget and delivery.

Real-time adjustments

When new customers are created in the database, they are automatically sorted and placed on the proper audience list.

Reduce Wasted ad $$$

When a member of our audience list comes in for service, we immediately see the open RO record. This allows us to remove the audience member in real-time. If audience members are not removed from campaigns, you end up spending ad dollars on customers who have already come in for service.


Dynamic Creative

Creative needs to stay fresh and relevent. By using dynamic creative ad structures, our Facebook ad creative always selects the best performing combinations. This keeps content fresh and focused on whats working for your unique customer base. 


Additional Benefits

DataClover’s Social Media Marketing campaigns are a key component of our DealerServiceHub lead conversion platform. We offer a-la-carte Social  advertising, however, our product is most successful when the full DataClover marketing suite is employed.

Facebook BluePrint Certified Specialist

DataClover's Facebook advertising product is lead by a Facebook BluePrint Certified specialist.

up to 5 Promoted Offers

Our campaigns are split into Service Retention, Lost Soul, and Conquest audience. This allow you the freedom to promote different offers to different audiences.

Integrated Landing Page

Our ads sets are personalized to the customer search. The landing page will display dynamic content differently for each customer.

Real-Time Dashboard Reporting

Real-time reporting in ServicePulse, DataClover's web-based reporting application.

Top of Funnel Driver

Social Advertising is one of the best top funnel traffic drivers. It initiates the conversation across a large portion of your audience and allows email and SEM to close the deal.

Ad Creative Designed for all Devices

Ad creative is designed in multiple sizes to deliver across all social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and the Facebook marketplace and messenger apps.

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