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Park Ave Acura – A Dealership Success Story by DataClover

How DataClover & Park Ave Acura Partnered to Sell 169 Customized Service Packages in 2023 Using Our Aftersales eCommerce Program

The Story

In 2023, DataClover partnered with Park Ave Acura to revolutionize their aftersales strategy. By introducing a compelling “Buy 3 Oil Changes, Get 1 FREE (Oil & Filter Change)” promotion, the partnership led to the sale of 169 service packages, driving $30,529 in contract revenue.

Park Ave Acura - A Dealership Success Story by DataClover - Service Sales Statistics

Details from the Study

Moreover, the program significantly bolstered customer retention rates. Within Park Ave Acura’s Primary Market Area (PMA), retention rates surged from 57.4% (01/2023) to an impressive 59.5% (12/2023), marking a notable 2.1% increase. Overall retention also experienced a significant boost, climbing from 50.9% to 53.1% over the same period, showcasing a 2.2% improvement.

Park Ave Acura's Retention Statistics in 2023 with DataClover

Park Ave Acura - A Dealership Success Story by DataClover - Increase in Retention Statistics

The Future

This successful partnership highlights the transformative potential of using an Aftersales eCommerce Program in enhancing revenue streams and fostering long-term customer loyalty for dealerships in the automotive industry.

Here's One of Our Email Marketing Templates that Helped Us Drive MORE Service Sales

Park Ave Acura - A Dealership Success Story by DataClover - Get 3 Oil Changes, Get 1 Free (Oil & Filter Change) Email Template

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DataClover enables dealerships to digitally identify and target potential service customers so they can easily match and sell the most appropriate products/services (bundles) with various discounts and offers to them.

A Dealership Success Story by DataClover

DataClover - Enabling Dealerships to Sell More Services & Retain More Customers

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