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Niello BMW Elk Grove – A Dealership Success Story by DataClover

How Niello BMW Elk Grove Increased Its Service Traffic & Service Appointments Using DataClover's Powerful & Proven DealerServiceHub (DSH) Program

Niello BMW Elk Grove - A Dealership Success Story by DataClover - Infographic

The Problem

For quite a while, Niello BMW’s website was averaging a low average volume of traffic and service appointment conversion rate. In fact, in the month before partnering with DataClover, their website recorded a total of 741 sessions. But what hurt them the most was that even with this low volume of traffic, their website was only able to convert service traffic at a rate of 6.6%. Additionally, their website only acquired 10 new service customers per month on average.

The Solution

For the 2nd half of 2020 and beyond, Niello BMW Elk Grove had 2 major goals for growing its service business. The first goal was to increase its overall service traffic (including appointments and ROs) on a monthly basis. The second goal was to acquire and retain new service customers at the dealership.

Niello BMW’s team studied their service website’s performance compared to what DataClover could offer them through the powerful DealerServiceHub (DSH) platform. They concluded that directing all website traffic (both organic and paid traffic) through the DSH platform would provide a significant boost in service appointments booked by their customers.

1st September 2020 onwards, Niello BMW made the decision to send all its website traffic through DSH. Here’s how DataClover’s DealerServiceHub (DSH) platform helped Niello BMW Elk Grove:

  • Within no time and just as expected, overall service traffic, appointments, and new customers started to increase month-over-month. In the 1st month alone, their traffic to appointment conversion increased from 4.9% to 11.5%.
  • After 2 months live, Niello BMW received 1408 website visitors in a month as compared to only 741 without the DSH platform on their website.
  • After 2 months live, Niello BMW had 219 service appointments booked in a month as compared to only 49 appointments without the DSH platform on their website.
  • Over 2 months, the conversion rate had increased by 9 points to 15.6% which is almost 10% more than the performance of their previous scheduling page.


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Customized Emails for Niello BMW Elk Grove by DataClover
Niello BMW Elk Grove Direct Mailers by DataClover

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A Dealership Success Story by DataClover

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