Service Appointment Page Conversions

How Conversion Rate Effects Appointment Volume

In automotive, the majority of the decision making process is entirely digital. Whether it’s planning to buy a new car or deciding it’s time to schedule service, most of the customers planning process happens online. This means page conversion rates play a large role in a dealer’s monthly service and maintenance appointment volume or total number of sales leads.

What is Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is the rate at which site traffic converts in revenue-generating service appointments. A better conversion rate means increased appointment volume. Conversely, lower conversion rates indicate reduced appointment volume. Understanding conversion rate can give dealers tactical knowledge to improve their total service appointment volume.

Why Conversion Rate is Important

1. Conversion Rate Helps Predict Appointment Volume

Conversion rates differ for different pages on a dealer website. A 5% conversion rate on a dealership’s ‘Schedule Service’ page means for every 100 site visitors, 5 of them will schedule a service appointment. A 1% conversion rate on a sales lead page will produce 1 qualified lead for every 100 visitors. Dealers should begin tracking this knowledge and sharing it with their marketing team. Their marketing team can create a set of strategies to increase conversion rate or maintain conversion rate while increasing traffic volume to the page.

2. Bad Rates Can Imply a Difficult Customer Process

The average conversion rate for a single page or landing page is around 1-2%. A low conversion rate is usually an indicator of bad page design or poor site performance. In the case of most Service Scheduling plugins for the automotive industry, this comes in the form of lengthy scheduling processes. Over 75% of website visitors fail to complete scheduling forms because they lose focus. The scheduling process typically takes over 15 clicks. Even worse, it often requires information the customer doesn’t have on hand, like their VIN or current vehicle mileage.

In digital marketing, the worst possible thing you can do is ask a potential customer to walk away from their computer or phone the moment they are about to convert.

3. Better Conversion Rates Save you Money

Many Service Managers who have tried marketing their dealership have had the same experience. They spend marketing dollars on advertising that drives a ton of click traffic, but find it near impossible to determine which clicks become service appointments. Even worse, they finish a campaign and realize their marketing team can’t even tell them if the campaign was successful.

Sending traffic to a ‘Schedule Service’ page is only as strong as the appointment leads that come out of the funnel. It’s common to see a dealer work with an agency who highlights how much “web traffic” they drove to a page, but never show how many appointments this traffic actually created.

Final Notes

Dealerships and service managers who monitor their page traffic-to-appointment conversions are always more effective at working with their marketing teams. When the service drive is slowing down, a service manager can use the conversion rate to estimate how many appointments they could get from a campaign. With greater control over flow of incoming appointments, dealers can increase volume on slow days and maintain volume on normal days.
That is why selecting an automotive marketing partner who has a thorough understanding of integrated marketing is the best choice a dealer can make for their service drive. A good marketing partner will drive traffic. A great marketing partner will improve conversion rates and create revenue.

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