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Crucial Aftersales Service Trends for Dealerships in 2023

2023 is Easily Going to Be One of the Most Promising Years for Dealerships in Recent Times!

The automotive industry is still navigating through some issues of the recent past. Some of the main ones are supply chain constraints; the Russia-Ukraine war; tensions in the Asia Pacific region; shortages of microchips; scarcity of technical labor; rising costs for energy and raw materials; the COVID-19 pandemic; and of course, the looming national and global recession.


In such a volatile climate, vehicle owners aren’t exactly looking for car upgrades. Thus, in 2023, the best strategy for dealerships would be to focus on harnessing the power of their aftersales service drive. Especially when it comes to reducing their overall costs while also maximizing profits. Thankfully, with a regular rollout of automotive digital technology, this is achievable! In this article, we will take a look at some crucial automotive trends for dealerships in 2023.


Here are some crucial aftersales trends for dealerships in 2023.

1) More Artificial Intelligence (AI) & High-Performing Computing Systems (HPC)

More and more customer surveys from the auto industry suggest that they now expect real-time updates from their service-providing dealerships. And this makes sense because timely digital updates (especially when it comes to service offerings) have become the norm across all industries.


To execute such notifications or updates in an accurate and timely way, one needs to employ some of the latest digital tools. AI technology can analyze heaps of data quickly – enabling dealerships to reach out to relevant vehicle owners. Of course, when executed at scale, dealers would also need the power of HPC systems to provide a consistent and seamless flow of daily operations.

2) Overall Cost Reduction Strategies & Tools – To Do More with Less!

The recent general reduction of labor in the technician market also means that dealerships simply have to do more with less! Dealerships can reduce their overall costs in a number of ways. Some of the most relevant cost-reduction ways for dealerships in 2023 are:


  • Investing in and using appropriate digital technology and tools (AI, HPC, Digital Retailing Technology, & more)
  • Improving various areas and steps along the supply chain
  • Improving transportation systems
  • Integrating more efficient digital products and tools into their online channels

3) Customer Relationships Will be the Key to Dealership Success

In this digital world, customers are used to receiving services that are not only highly personalized but also directed exactly toward their needs. Thus, in 2023 and beyond, there will be an increased emphasis on a customer’s service purchasing experience and journey – right from before they approach the dealership until after they are served.


Delivering the best experiences not only improves a dealership’s relationship with its customers but also helps boost loyalty and retention in the long run. In this digital age, dealerships should look towards not only communicating with their customers but also personalizing their approach.

Crucial Aftersales Service Trends for Dealerships in 2023 - Customer Relationships Will Be the Key to Dealership Success - DataClover

4) Selling the eCommerce Way

eCommerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba changed the digital retailing game for everyone alike. Because of their easy purchasing processes, all industries have simply had to put up, shut up, or get out. This also applies to the automotive sector where customers and vehicle owners are now looking for the same ease and smoothness, they receive from the big eCommerce platforms.


With DataClover’s eCommerce Aftersales Service program, dealerships can not only showcase and sell their service products like how Amazon does but also enables them to bundle items and offer them at lucrative discounts!

5) Increased Accommodation for EVs

Even though some data suggests that EV sales may flatline for a while in 2023, there is still a lot of potential in this segment and technology. So much so that dealerships should certainly take it more seriously now and in the future.


There is also a lot of potential in the EV service market in general as it’s still a rather new and budding segment within the auto industry as a whole. There is also a lot of room for dealerships to plan their service conquest strategies here.


DataClover’s Aftersales eCommerce platform and Dealer Service Hub are two useful programs that can help dealerships strengthen their position in the EV service segment.

6) Quick Service Scheduling Tools

Most customers expect the same quickness and efficiency that they receive from the top eCommerce platforms when purchasing products. The same is true when they are looking to schedule any type of service appointment. In the automotive industry, there are thousands of service appointments being booked by vehicle owners daily. Dealerships can offer their customers the same quickness and efficiency that they find in other industries.


All they need to do is install a few easy-to-use plugins on their websites so their customers can book their service appointments in a jiff and without ever coming physically to their store! DataClover’s pioneering Quick Schedule Tool enables your customers to book their service appointments in less than 30 seconds!

Quick Service Scheduling Tools - Crucial Aftersales Service Trends for Dealerships in 2023 - DataClover

7) Owners Will Continue Holding onto Their Vehicles

Mainly because of the shortages of microchips and the looming recession, most vehicle owners are predicted to hold on to their vehicles for longer than expected. But this news is not all that bad for dealerships because they can still capitalize on retaining their customers through aftersales services. With the help of a smart and data-driven approach, dealerships can tap into the huge pool of vehicle owners and provide them with their service offerings.


DataClover’s digital products can help your dealership provide a variety of services in a way that not only retains customers but also enhances their overall service experience. Our tools provide a personalized yet (educational and) fun approach that also helps boost your customers’ loyalty toward your dealership – making it a thorough win-win for everyone involved!

8) Automation in the Dealership Service Lane

Because of the massive labor and technician shortages that have plagued the automotive industry in recent months, dealerships need to look at automating their service processes now more than ever.


However, dealerships should also know that they can automate their processes right from when their customers need to book their appointments until the car is ready to be returned. Automation not only improves the service process and cuts costs but also provides a delightful customer experience.


An example of service automation would be enabling one’s customers to easily book their service appointments through the dealership website. DataClover’s Email Automation and Quick Schedule Tool enables one’s customers to book their service appointments in less than 30 seconds at the perfect time during their ownership journey.

Automation in the Dealership Service Lane - Crucial Aftersales Service Trends for Dealerships in 2023 - DataClover

9) Hiring Competent & Tech-Savvy Staff

Good customer relationships can only be built when one receives top-notch and flawless products and services from dealerships. And these can only be delivered by the most competent technicians and staff. Thus, moving forward in 2023, dealerships should also focus on implementing top-tier recruitment strategies that enable them to hire the best talent in the industry.

10) Data-Driven & Highly Targeted Marketing

This is a no-brainer for dealerships looking to optimize their marketing budgets. But more so, data-driven (and targeted) marketing efforts help dealerships always tap into the right audiences at the right time and place.


For example, with DataClover’s highly-targeted Email Automation services, dealerships can contact owners directly in their inboxes as soon as their vehicles are due for maintenance or services. Additionally, DataClover’s Paid Search and Social Advertising services enable dealerships to reach broader audiences with their service offerings.

11) And Finally, 2023 Is Going to Be the Year of Aftersales Digital Retailing for Dealerships!

Ever since the advent of COVID-19, digital innovations in the automotive industry have been rampant. This is because dealerships quickly realized that to keep their business flowing, they simply had to make good use of all the (digital) resources at their disposal. But in all fairness, most of these changes have been long overdue.


Aftersales digital retailing enables customers to browse and purchase their preferred products and services without going physically to the dealership’s shop. To reap all the benefits in this new era, dealerships can add various programs and plugins to ease the customer journey on their website and other digital channels.


DataClover’s pioneering Aftersales eCommerce platform enables dealerships to regain their power by selling the most appropriate service bundles to their customers at the right time and place.

Final Thoughts

As more vehicle owners are expecting personalized services in 2023, dealerships should be looking to maximize their digital resources to finetune their overall approach. In this year and beyond, a dealership’s success will come down to their operational efficiencies, targeted marketing efforts, and the delivery of top-notch customer experiences. Also, dealerships should also start tapping into enhancing their digital tools to create the best online retail shopping experience for their customers.


Since 2014, DataClover has partnered and worked with close to 500 dealerships to exponentially grow their aftersales service business. For more information, click the links to check out our range of digital products for dealership success or our client reviews.

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