Investing In Automation: Increasing Content Triggers Across Our Core Marketing Cadence

Getting consumers to enter your sales funnel is the first step to convincing them to service with your dealership. This is why top of funnel keywords are so important. When setting up a Paid-Per-Click, you will want to target keywords that show they are researching service, or have a problem with their vehicle that may indicate service is required.

Market Targeting: Differentiating Your Automotive Targeting Strategies

What is Market Targeting in Automotive? Unlike market segmentation which includes more detailed breakdowns like demographic or psychographic profiles, market targeting includes the level of focus your marketing strategy employs. How broad or how narrow is your target market. Check out the graphic below to better understand how each strategy carves up your DMS.

The Friday Five with Steve Greenfield

DataClover | A Company To Watch The Friday Five with Steve Greenfield Check out the video above to see what Steve Greenfield has to say about DataClover in his Companies to Watch Friday Five segment.  Steve Greenfield is the current CEO and Founder of Automotive Ventures LLC, based out of Atlanta. Automotive Ventures LLC is […]

The Benefits of Closed Loop Reporting

Closed-loop reporting “closes the loop” on marketing data (digital customer interactions) and connects it to real-life data, like customer purchases or store visits. This type of reporting is highly effective for brick-and-mortar businesses trying to track the effectiveness of their outbound digital efforts.

Why Conquest Data Matters

Conquesting new customers into the service drive can be one of the more difficult battles a Service Director can face when it comes to growing your service business. PPC advertising, Facebook, conquest emailing, and even direct mail can all be leveraged to drive new customer acquisition.

How Conversion Rate Effects Appointment Volume

Conversion rate is the rate at which site traffic converts in revenue-generating service appointments. A better conversion rate means increased appointment volume. Conversely, lower conversion rates indicate reduced appointment volume. Understanding conversion rate can give dealers tactical knowledge to improve their total service appointment volume.

Using Email Drip Campaigns to Increase Automotive Service Winbacks

There are many components that make an email campaign successful. However, drip campaigns are a key necessity for successful automotive email marketing campaigns. What is a Drip Campaign? Drip campaigns are follow-up marketing campaigns. You might think of them as extensions of the main campaign. Customers receive a primary email campaign. Marketers use the engagement […]

Omnichannel Marketing and Customer Experience

Omnichannel Automotive Marketing

In marketing, omnichannel means we seek to unify the customer experience across multiple marketing channels. Direct Mail, Email, Social Media, and SEM should have consistent and clear messaging driving home the main points related to service. What it Looks Like in Practice The Service Customer Let’s imagine you are a customer and you know it’s […]