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ServiceBundler | Bundle Items
& Sell Services Online

Bundle 2 to 4 services, distribute to service websites, sell to customers at a discount.

ServicePPM | Prepaid Maintenance Goes Digital

Dealers can now sell prepaid maintenance online via digital versions of common OEM programs.

Create your own bundles

Bundle Items & Sell Services Online

DataClover's ServiceBundler

Bundle Service Items.
Create Packages.
Sell Service Digitally.

Online Sales for Packaged Service Items

Service Bundler

The ServiceBundler is a feature offering of DataClover’s Service E-commerce subscription. The ServiceBundler enables dealers to create customer-facing, discount service packages, and make them available for purchase online. After a package is created, dealers send it directly to their DealerServiceHub web property and begin collecting purchase revenue online.

Easily Load Service Menu Items

Import menu priced services into the ServiceBundler.

Mix-&-Match Individual Products

Create different marketing configurations.​

Create eCommerce Packages

Finalizes the service bundles and get them ready for promotion. ​

Market & Promote

Push into current marketing workflows. Promote. Sell. ​

Pre-Qualify Prospects Easier

Prepaid Maintenance Goes Digital

DataClover's ServicePPM

OEM Programs Converted
To Work With Your Website

Sell Prepaid Maintenance Online


Dealers can now sell prepaid maintenance online via digital versions of common OEM programs. The ServicePPM feature is an add-on offering to DataClover’s Service E-commerce subscription.  

Sell Prepaid Maintenance Plans Digitally

The ServicePPM feature supports OEM prepaid maintenance programs and handles 90% of the contractual elements qualifying customers and completing the sale before they ever come into the store.

Supports OEM or Dealer Group Maintenance Programs

The ServicePPM web feature works like a digital contract allowing dealers to sell white-labeled maintenance programs to customers or utilized one of the converted OEM programs DataClover digitized.

Dedicated eCommerce Webpage for Faster Turn Up

This product was designed for speed. Easily enabled for any supported OEM prepaid maintenance program, the ServicePPM product adds a dedicated sales landing page to any current DealerServiceHUB website.

BDC Enablement Queue

All sales are funneled into a BDC queue. This queue tracks completed sales, redeemed maintenance, and sales requiring follow-up. It also functions as a sales enablement tool giving BDC's the ability to target prospective leads.

Custom Pricing Support

Easily adjust pricing.

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Read how our dealership partner sold 51 exclusive service packages and enhanced its customer experience and retention in 2023. 

DataClover's Aftersales eCommerce Program

Available OEM Programs

Mercedes-Benz Star Prepaid Maintenance

ServicePPM supports Mercedes-Benz OEM prepaid maintenance plans. Built around the nationally promoted plan, the Mercedes-Benz Service PPM feature identifies eligible vehicle owners and promotes the available plans. 


BMW Ultimate Care Oil Services 3-Year

ServicePPM supports BMW OEM prepaid maintenance plans. Built around the nationally promoted plan, the BMW Service PPM feature identifies eligible vehicle owners who are 60+ months or 60K miles and promotes the maintenance upgrades.

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